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01/13/12:  Dungeons & Dragons for Non-Majors 101

05/16/11:  NPR Interview on All Things Considered

04/29/11:  Radio Interview with WICN

04/15/11:  Writing History: The Badass Manifesto

04/03/11:  Miami Herald Interview

04/02/11:  San Francisco Examiner Interview

04/01/11:  Miami New Times Interview

03/11/11:  Thor Reading

02/28/11:  Might Makes Write  (PDF of an interview with Seattle Magazine)

02/24/11:  Wolf the Quarrelsome Video

09/03/10:  Safe at Home

12/04/09:  Seattle Times Author Q&A

11/16/09:  7 Badass Vikings  (for

11/09/09:  Badasses of Horror: Part Two  (for

11/07/09:  The 7 Most Badass Last Stands in History  (for

11/05/09:  Badasses of Horror: Part One  (for

11/05/09:  The Best Badasses In History  (interview with

10/28/09:  Badass Moments in Sci-Fi History  (for

03/06/09:  Jack Churchill vs. TITANOBOA

06/22/07:  Converting to Norse Religion

05/25/07:  How to Be a Wine Connoisseur

05/04/07:  Amazing Ben and the Argonauts

03/02/07:  Working at a Movie Theater

02/09/07:  This Is the Worst Meeting Ever

01/26/07:  Cool People

01/19/07:  How to Conduct a Paranormal Investigation

11/17/06:  How to Kill Your Doppleganger

11/03/06:  My Excel Skills Can Not Be Equalled

10/06/06:  The Groom's Guide to Getting Married

09/18/06:  My Life in the Student Ghetto

06/02/06:  The Unofficial Guide to Sci-Fi Channel Original Movies

05/19/06:  An Open Letter to the Gentleman Who Stole My iPod

03/10/06:  Robots Are Dicks

01/27/06:  The Rules of Last Man Standing

01/06/06:  Al-Qaeda Ate My Balls!

12/16/05:  The RPG Video Game Plot Generator

12/02/05:  Things I've Eaten for Money

11/10/05:  Tempin' Ain't Easy

11/04/05:  JavaScript:  A Brief Tutorial

10/14/05:  The Rules of Battle Golf

10/07/05:  The Unofficial Guide to Working at Staples

09/02/05:  Welcome Back Students!

08/12/05:  Riding a Cab in Boston

07/29/05:  Celebrity Haiku Redux

05/06/05:  The Legend of Doug Flutie Magic

04/29/05:  Hypothetical Deathmatches

04/22/05:  Warm Weather Really Brings Out the Skanks

04/15/05:  Celebrity Haiku Biographies

04/01/05:  I Go to Jury Duty

03/18/05:  Adventures in Cable:  Indian Music Videos

12/03/04:  I Rule at Microsoft Excel


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