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This Huge Ass Beetle

Holy shit, look at this fucking thing. I don't know the size of that leaf it's standing on so I have no real frame of reference as to how large this motherfucker is, but it's probably a pretty safe bet it could take your entire arm off with one chop. The truly badass thing about bugs is that they really don't give a fuck about inflicting death and dismemberment on humans stupid enough to try and mess with them because they have no conscience and show no remorse. It's just instinct for them to clamp their machete-sized pincers down on anything that they even remotely percieve as a threat. Plus, I think I read that many species of beetle can carry around 850 times their own weight on their back, which is roughly equivelant to a person lugging around a Volvo dealership. I mean, look at this thing. There's no way would I ever fuck with it.


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