The Badass of the Week.

Katie Brownell

"I've only got one thing to say to you, Vaughn -
Strike this motherfucker out."

Katie Brownell was the only girl on the field, and she was also the most dominant player out there.

Now before you getting all critical of me posting an 11-year old girl up as my Badass of the Week, check out the numbers this chick put up while pitching against an all-boys team in a little league game on Wednesday, May 18th in upstate New York.

  • 6 innings pitched (A complete game in Little League)
  • 18 batters faced
  • 0 earned runs allowed
  • 0 hits allowed
  • 0 walks given
  • 18 strikeouts

Holy crap!  This is probably the most dominant performance in the history of amateur sports.  She never even reached a three-ball count the entire game.  This is totally unbelievable, especially considering that when I was playing little league in 6th grade I think somebody from our team got nailed with a pitch at least once an inning.  Those damn kids generally can't keep the ball out of the batter's box, let alone being able to fan eighteen straight hitters.  I mean with an arm like this, she could probably go out tomorrow and pitch for the Pirates.  To top it all off, Katie is hitting .714 on the season through three games.  Pretty impressive.  Once somebody introduces her to steroids, she's going to really be unstoppable.

You can read about the most impressive single-game performance in Little League history here.


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