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-- An E-Mail from Michael Groves --

A couple days ago I received a really great note from Michael Groves, the British hero who saved a cruise ship by fighting off a skiff filled with RPG-toting Somali pirates using nothing more than a fire hose and some kind of high-tech sonic weaponry.  The battle (and subsequent screw-job he received from the cruise line) left him kind of jacked up, but it sounds like he was pretty pumped up to see that his story is appreciated by fans of badassery everywhere.


Just been sent the Badass profile about me and have to say I am still crying with laughter - fucking outstanding and really well written.  I'm still suffering the after-effects of the RPG (one being loaded in the picture is the actual one they tried to give me some new Air Con Ducts with..... through my head) but this cheered me up to no end.

Thanks for adding me to the same prestigious list as the Duke of Wellington , Badass Leonidas and the PREDATOR!!


PS - You should consider one for Som (The Ghurkha Anti-Christ) Gurung.  He's the only guy I've met that still wants to hold a conversation after being shot through the flipping head, and I'm still getting in-coming.  Tough guy he was!!


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