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Jack Churchill's Great Escape


I'm glad to see that other people are getting to appreciate this amazing man.  I found out about him when I read a book written by another Englishman imprisoned in Sachenhousen concentration camp.  Anyway, I just felt I should correct you on one detail, if that's okay?

Jack Churchill did not escape from Sachenhousen by crawling under barbed wire and through an abandoned drain (I've seen this version on another website, though.  Not sure where it came from, but it incorrect).  When he arrived at the camp, he found himself in the company of 5 other British officers - Major Johnny Dodge (British Army), Sydney Dowse, 'Jimmy' James and 'Wings' Day (all RAF) and Peter Churchill, who I believe was some sort of secret agent.  Anyway, Dodge, Dowse, James and Day had all taken part in The Great Escape, and were among the survivers of the mass execution carried out by the Nazis.  Anyway, when Jack Churchill arrived, these 4 men had already begun constructing another tunnel, right out of the camp!  Dodge and Wings Day were both quite old for POWs, so it was left to James and Dowse to do most of the digging (Peter Churchill felt he would face execution if he escaped, and so didn't take part).  Jack became the enthusiastic third member of the digging team.  When 'Wings' Day found an old German newspaper reporting the deaths of 50 of the other Great Escapers, all the escapers decided that they would take the risk of death and continue!  Anyway, Jack escaped with Jimmy James and, although they were eventually recaught, they had planned to escaped by jumping trains all the way to the Baltic.  Finding themselves in a loading yard at one point, they proceeded to race around swapping all the lables on the carriages with the hope that they would end up in the wrong place and cause some major confusion!  I'm 100% certain that this is the correct turn of events, because it came from Jimmy James's memoirs, plus the two other books I have read on The Great Escape.  I just thought it added to the 'badass' status of Jack Churchill, the fact that he actually dug a tunnel!


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