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Badass Religions:  Sikhism

Hey mate i'm a fan of your stuff, interesting article on the amazing religions, but seriously, you missed out the most badass one, Sikhism.  It's a monotheistic faith that doesnt take any crap from evil and has some excellent aspects, men are REQUIRED to grow these excellent long beards, wear turbans and carry a Kirpan Dagger!  plus the Sikh religious symbol includes a chakram, one of those Indian throwing hoops which can basically cut a maurauding invader in half if thrown with skill.  The Religion has its defensive own martial art, that of Gatka, which which involves swords, staves and chains.  There is also the practice of "Cardi Kala" which basically means, stay positive, which is a pretty chilled comandment.  Sikh Gudwara places of worship are excellent peices of architecture.  Also the Sikh Guru leaders were so hardcore they even fought against the Mughals, The guys who built the Taj mahal, conquered India and ruled one of the most sophistocated societies of that period.  And the Sikhs fought this empire, an empire whose rulers were decended from Genghis Khan no less!  but the Sikhs valiantly resisted this mighty power.  They also beleive in universal equality, Karma and protecting the weak.  So basically its an excellent religion, if i wasnt a christian and i looked better with a beard i'm pretty sure i'd convert.  anyway just thought i'd email you about it, keep up the good work by the way.



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