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11/27/09:  More Info About Leprosy

11/27/09:  The Cambodian Landmine Relief Fund

11/27/09:  Ruddtastic

11/27/09:  The Origin of Aphrodite

11/27/09:  An Ode to Die Hard

11/27/09:  In Which I Am Haikued Again

11/27/09:  An Ancient Tradition

11/27/09:  Working in an Insurance Office

11/27/09:  John Henry vs. the Aggro Crag

11/27/09:  St. Michael the Exorcist

11/27/09:  In Which I Am Haikued

09/18/09:  Email from Firefighter Ryan Cooper

08/07/09:  A Modest Proposal

08/07/09:  Additional St. Michael Badassitude

08/07/09:  A Tribute to Vasilis Paleokostas

08/07/09:  The Lockheed Vega

08/07/09:  An Eric Pianka Colleague Sounds Off

08/07/09:  Winston Churchill Mail

08/07/09:  Darth Vader vs. Vikings

08/07/09:  Working at a Movie Theater

08/07/09:  Badass Presidents

08/07/09:  Optimus Prime and the Baroness

08/07/09:  Norse Paganism

05/15/09:  An E-Mail from Michael Groves

02/20/09:  How to Level-Up Your Wine Snobbery

02/20/09:  Big in Hong Kong

02/20/09:  Edwin J. Hill

02/20/09:  Badass Pianists

02/20/09:  Tesla Mail Bomb

02/20/09:  The Curse of Tamerlane

02/20/09:  Battle Golf Fan Mail

02/20/09:  The Russian Berserker

02/20/09:  Oofty Goofty

02/20/09:  The SAS

02/20/09:  Return of the Watermelon Monster

02/20/09:  Those Huge-Ass Beetles

02/20/09:  Geronimo's Escape

02/20/09:  Jacksonian Badassery

11/28/08:  Beowulf Book Report

10/24/08:  The Iron Duke

10/24/08:  The Treasure of Sir Francis Drake

07/25/08:  Anecdotes About the Canadian Military

05/30/08:  Jack Churchill's Great Escape

05/30/08:  Patton vs. Plane

05/30/08:  Teaching Aid

05/02/08:  Nominating the Site for the Site

02/08/08:  A Norse Religion Convert

02/08/08:  A-10 Fan Mail

01/18/08:  John Carter of Barsoom

01/18/08:  Wine Snobbery

12/14/07:  Ninjas or Pirates?

11/16/07:  Snake Eyes

10/05/07:  Hector and Ajax

10/05/07:  On Badasses and Heroes

06/29/07:  Badass Religions:  Sikhism

06/29/07:  Extended Punisher Badassery

03/30/07:  An Email from God

03/30/07:  A Simo Häyhä Update

12/22/06:  A Badassgraphy of Australia

06/01/06:  The Revenge Business

01/27/06:  An Email from Ron Woods


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