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The Watermelon Monster

The Watermelon Monster (or Banana Monster) is a giant cannonball looking thing with legs, eyes and teeth that runs around and tries to bite off your balls. It also has these weird antennae that pop out and can shock your nipples with electric current. It is from the movie Taoism Drunkard (also known as Drunken Wu Tang) which is one of the most insane movies I have ever seen. Basically this thing lives in a box and guards a scroll or something. It comes out to do somersaults and munch the balls of anyone who tries to get the scroll, which belongs to on opium-smoking grandma (obviously played by a guy). I saw this movie at midnight kung-fu and it kicks ass. This monster is the craziest and most awesome thing I have ever seen, heard of or had nightmares about. Check this shit out (double-click to start the video, but be aware that it has sound):


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